2017 Show Information

Overview - Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

The concept is simple – make the show an experience for our guests! This year our theme throughout the gardens is a traditional wedding theme of old, new, borrowed and blue.  You'll find these elements sprinkled throughout the show's feature gardens and some other fun and entertaining things you'll see:

  • Each garden will have an element of surprise to it…
  • Perhaps something hidden around the corner, musical pavers, fire & water combined, surprise guests in the gardens, musicians, etc.
  • Expo Hall Glows in the Dark – Special glow in the dark accessories for your gardens

Almost 40 gardens will be displayed throughout both buildings!

We’ve heard it from both sides. Some people want bigger, more extravagant, idea pushing gardens that will WOW you when you walk down the showcase garden aisles.  We’ve also had many people say they want to see more practical gardens that can be great examples of what most people can afford.  So we thought, why not give you both, plus more!

  • Showcase Gardens – Our showcase gardens are HUGE works of art.  Our center aisles will be filled with massive (up to 50,000 sq. ft.) garden spaces. These gardens will deliver and hopefully exceed the WOW factor you’ve come to expect.
  • Feature Gardens – These garden spaces will be a minimum of 20′ x 20′ (400 sq. ft.) and scattered throughout the show aisles. These mid-sized gardens will blend the upscale and budget friendly options to showcase the range of capabilities of our landscapers.
  • Gardens – These spaces will be 20′ x 20′ or less and offer a great showcase of what you can do in your back yard on a budget.

Plant Market / Fresh Cut Flowers

The Plant Market will be located just inside the North entrance of West Pavilion and be anchored by one of our most popular attractions, our Fresh Cut Flower market.  Along with the cut flowers, twelve 10’x10’ tents will dot this landscape and feature offerings such as herbs, seeds, succulents, bulbs, ferns, hardy annuals, vegetable starts and many other early Spring worthy and relevant plant material!