The theme for this year's show is 60!  Sixty years of the Indiana Flower + Patio Show brings groovy greens and flower power galore!

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Above 200

Above and Beyond Companies, Inc-"Steel Changing"

Specializing in masonry and landscape design, our leading experts can turn your backyard space into a beautiful outdoor retreat. Our passionate design team can create the outdoor retreat of your dreams; from pergolas to decorative concrete to outdoor fire places and fire pits!


All Pro Landscaping, Inc - "Beetle Juice"

Tim Burton's films present a constant use of vibrant, over exaggerated color effects, focusing on love and family with comedic-horror plots.  All Pro Landscaping has chosen the theme of Beetle Juice to honor Tim Burton's 60th birthday!  Beetle Juice will display how love and family can create a great garden and outdoor atmosphere.
BLC 200

BLC Outdoor Services-"Back to Our Roots"

BLC Outdoor Services is honored to be part of the 60th anniversary of the Indianapolis Flower + Patio Show.  In keeping with this prestigious anniversary, we have added some features from the 1958 era into our Outdoor Living exhibit.  We hope to give the public a sampling of our quality work, while providing an entertaining visit to the show.

Budde 200

Budde Landscaping, Inc "Outer Spaces"

At Budde Landscaping, Inc., we are focused on providing high quality and very detailed services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

Calvin Resize

Calvin Landscape -"Rockin' the 60's"

Step into our garden that is decorated in homage to the 60th year anniversary of the Indianapolis Flower & Patio Show.  Pictures and signs can be found throughout the garden that pays tribute to the anniversary.  After entering, you will see a custom engraved plaque commemorating the anniversary embedded into the paving.  Looking up from the plaque, you are drawn in by a custom cabana, grill island, and fire pit gathering area.  Upon reaching the cabana, visitors will walk past the custom outdoor grill island with a "60" built into the facade.  Stepping up into and underneath the cabana, an inviting fire pit brings warmth to the custom gathering space.  Commemorating the 60th anniversary, landscape lighting enhances the landscaping design features within the garden.  Combining an open patio gathering space design with a soft evergreen screen, the visitors to the "60th year anniversary of the Indiana Flower & Patio Show" will be invited to share and cherish the decorated history of the Indiana Flower & Patio Show.
Country Resize

Country Gardens-"Warhol's Inspirations"

An inspirational view on Andy Warhol's are in a garden.  The 60's began his iconic American start and he has become one of the most influential artist today.  Enjoy our take on what Andy's back yard might look like today as you stroll under a canopy of umbrella clouds.  

Divine 200

Divine Outdoor Services-"Pop of Color"

What's your color?  By using creative accents, planting, and decor let your outdoor space reflect your personality.  Take a journey through time and experience Mid Century Modern style with a "Pop of Color"

Grok Landscapes by Design-"Blowin' in the Wind-Bob Dylan"

Here's the opportunity to experience a Garden Party from the 1960's.  Be sure to visit Grok Landscapes garden Blowin' in the Wind.  Sit down, relax and reminisce in a space that enfolds you in a compelling composition that captures the spirit of the 1960's.

ILA 200

Indianapolis Landscape Association-"60 Years of Growing"

The ILA has grown for nearly sixty-nine years by promoting high ethical standards for landscape and nursery firms within the Indianapolis region.  Membership, education, legislative, and scholarship committees are the key principles to our existence.  Much like our organization connecting with its roots, our Flower + Patio Show garden displays the use of many materials and construction from teamwork within our membership roster.  Our association board of directors, along with our past presidents and fellow professional associations work harmoniously in the daily background of our lives to ensure a bright future for the green industry.


Kenneth Watson Design "60's Race Day Hideaway"

Enhancing the look and feel of your environment through design and attention to detail, while using only the highest quality material to guarantee a lifetime of enjoyment.  We specialize in many areas some of which include: Brick Paving, Natural Stone, Heated Driveways, Retaining Walls, Seat Walls, Garden Walls, Landscaping, Pergolas and Waterscapes.

McNamara 200

Mcnamara Florist "The Icing on the Cake"

Inspired by a photo of a 25th anniversary cake displayed at the show in 1983, this year's garden features a giant interpretive Birthday Cake made from materials common to Indiana-to celebrate the show's 60th Birthday.  Industrial and Vintage Chic looks are very popular today and McNamara celebrates those trends integrated with colorful plants and flowers.
New Leaf 2018 200

New Leaf Landscape Design Studio & Supply House -"A Moment in Time"

New Leaf Landscape Design Studio is excited to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the 2018 Indiana Flower & Patio Show by creating a show stopping moment in time.  Through the use of time-lapse photography and highlighting the ephemeral nature of the seasons.  Join us in the sunken pavilion of the seasons and enjoy this trans formative space that takes you back in time.


The O'Studio Landscapes-"All the Hoopla"

In 1958 the Hula Hoop and the Indiana Flower + Patio Show made their debuts.  60 years later we pay tribute to these icons through a fusion of landscape architecture and whimsy.  Enjoy our hula hoop mobile overhead as you stroll through our mid-century inspired garden with a modern twist.  The linear form of our stone walls, water feature and walkways escort you through the living and dining terraces accessorized by Kittles Furniture.  While the steel archways divide the rooms, providing an open and airy experience to enjoy the surrounding plants, trees and flowers.


Pro Care Horticultural Services -"Memories of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"

Pro Care Horticultural Services has had the luxury of being involved in the Indiana Flower and Patio Show since 1972.  That's 46 years!  Interestingly enough, this year is also the 60th Anniversary of the show.  With that being said, Pro Car decided it might be a good time to look back over so many years of being involved in the show and revisit some of the more interesting ideas that we have displayed in the past.  We thought it might be interesting to put some of these ideas from the past in front of the public once again...only this time...treated in a new and different way.  Concepts, ideas and treatments can always be utilized in interesting way, taking something old and making it new again.


Property Pro's-Forward to the Past"

Take a stroll through Property Pro's garden and prepare to be transported back 60 years.  Here we give a nostalgic nod to the 1958 landscape.  Elements of Mid Century Modern design like simple lines and swank patterns will capture your imagination.  Vibrant colors and space age material choices reflect the forward looking positivity of the day.  Property Pros celebrates the birthday of the Indianapolis Flower & Patio Show with a timeless look at a classic style and the values and goals of an era that gives birth to the ever relevant great "American Dream".

Turf Resize

The Turf Boss-"English Hedges and Modern Sedges"

The theme, as seen in the design, will be a garden that is split up between a more formal landscape garden focused on English gardening of the 50's and 60's and a modern side that will have today's trends (pergolas, grill island, new pavers, etc.)

Vive 200

Vive Exterior Design-"Outdoor Living that stands the test of time

Vive Exterior Design is an AWARD WINNING design/build firm committed to providing our clients with personal and professional services while making their dreams become a reality.  Our design staff applies the design skills and expertise necessary to define and address the needs of clients and add the creativity required to produce project individuality.  Allow us to become YOUR outdoor living experts!